Our Vision, Mission, and Values at Sirch!

 Whenever we release new products and features we look back at this list to determine if what weโ€™re building matches our vision, mission, and values. If you come to work at Sirch, we want you to feel the same.  

Our Vision

 To become the worldโ€™s most loved and used ambient computing platform that combines the power of AI and the magic of humans. 

Our Mission

 To build people-centric tech that connects you with the world. 

Our Values

 You turn to a search platform in moments of need. When you use Sirch, we want you to feel:

  1. Empowered. We believe that by connecting users and adding a layer of AI, we can give you the feeling of being empowered.
  2. Connected. We believe that people are magical and that by allowing their voices to be heard, we can give you the feeling of being connected.
  3. Heard. We believe that by creating space for humans and by rewarding users for their helpful input, we can give you the feeling of being heard.
  4. Rewarded. We believe that people are kind but deserve to be paid well so that they can buy loads of donuts and feel rewarded for their contributions
  5. Kind. We believe that by continually surprising you with small contributions from others, we can give you the feeling of living in a kind world.
  6. Surprised. We believe that by creating a space for creativity, we can infuse your experience with moments of joy and playfulness.
  7. Creative. We believe that by enriching your search experience, we can help foster a space for your creativity.
  8. Focused. We believe that by helping you take care of the mundane things in life, you can focus on what matters.
  9. In control. We believe that by decentralizing decision-making as much as possible (and being transparent about decisions that we must make on our own) we can put you in control and earn your trust over time.
  10. Satisfied. We believe that if we do the above, we can create a platform that leaves you physically, intellectually, and emotionally satisfied every single time you Sirch.